Message Impact Matters

Too many Democratic candidates we observe try to say far too many things. Most voters are not paying that much attention— especially to down-ballot races (and candidates)— and that results in nothing getting through.

We focus the candidates we are advising on one central part of their campaign — getting their message right.

Using cutting edge public opinion research tools, we work to create, test and identify a compelling core message and do it in a way that is authentic to the candidate and clearly differentiating from his or her opponent.

Our message-testing approach and capabilities help candidates test a wide variety of messages and identify which is most effective in building their case for getting elected or reelected — often in red or purple states.

Our work in developing an effective message is based on our sophisticated understanding of how to communicate and harmonize a candidate’s message through television, radio, direct mail, phone banks, and the most cutting edge social and digital channels.

Research and polling shouldn’t just spit back data and crosstabs; it should be the foundation of building a winning campaign strategy. Data and insights should be the roadmap that guides the development and execution of the campaign and should be thoroughly integrated with all aspects of campaign planning, strategy and execution.