Message Testing

Message testing identifies the best way to articulate your value proposition. The aim being to identify the most effective messaging that communicates your ideas in an impactful and persuasive manner. Message testing is about ensuring you are heard and understood clearly.   And, ultimately that you persuade people.

Message Testing

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Messaging work is at the heart of what we specialize in for our clients and where we believe more attention needs to be paid. Messaging is about articulating the central value proposition that our clients are attempting to convey to their customers, clients and other stakeholders and doing so in a persuasive manner.

Our messaging process is modeled on our past work for major political campaigns across the country and around the world. Our belief is good messaging is:

As relevant to crisis communications as it is to brand and corporate communications.

Critical to achieving the outcomes that communications, marketing and advertising are working towards.
Fundamentally competitive and, therefore, must be measurable and trackable.
As relevant to crisis communications as it is to brand and corporate communications.

Our Message Development Process

We use these steps to design, identify and test what are the most compelling messages that our clients can use to get their story out:

The War Room
This facilitated brainstorm discussion helps identify and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of our position and others we are trying to deposition /win against.
Political Debate Groups
These qualitative sessions are designed to understand which messages on both sides of a consumer battle or issue resonate most and what argument wins the day, so we can fine tune your appeal.
Attack Response Testing
Messaging is tested quantitatively in a competitive environment where we work to kick the tires and poke holes in your arguments to see what messages are best able to sustain criticism and critique. The output is a clear identification of what is most impactful and how the messaging can be further optimized.
Brand Engagement Lab
Once the messaging is optimized and turned into creative assets, it is competitively tested in our proprietary social media testing lab, where we work to understand the degree of engagement that it generates. Answering not just what, but why.

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