Honan Strategy Group

a data-driven strategic research and communications firm

Who We Are

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  • At our core, Honan Strategy Group is a data-driven strategic research and communications firm.
  • We are a unique hybrid made up of a political consulting firm and corporate market research and analytics company.
  • Leveraging a broad array of research and analytics techniques, we aid our clients (whether it is a company, a brand, or political candidate) by helping to address their most pressing marketing and communication needs.
  • Ultimately, we provide our clients with impactful strategies and clear roadmaps to make the most informed data-driven decisions.


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Political Consulting

What's Our Edge?

Unlike other research firms, who only provide data dumps, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients a customized strategy to address their business needs.
Actionable Insights
We focus on identifying need-to-know strategic insights and information to inform important decisions. We separate the “need to know” from the “nice to know.”
Moving the Needle
Research should be designed to help you understand how to move the needle — based not on idle speculation, but on hard data.
Customer Service
We are in this business to serve our clients, and we don’t stop until you are satisfied.

Our Testimonials

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