Quantitative Message Testing Research

Message testing identifies the best way to articulate your value proposition.

Message Testing

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  • Message testing is used to help determine how to communicate your message clearly, in the most impactful and persuasive way in order to reach your target audience.
  • Our messaging process is modeled on our work in the political arena and provides our clients with clear strategic insights and a pre-tested path forward.
  • Our belief is that effective messaging must be:
Define your brand in ways that consumers and other stakeholder groups find genuine and believable
Move the Needle
Messaging must move the needle significantly on core measures and metrics
Withstand Competition
Messaging is fundamentally competitive and, therefore, must be evaluated against what others are putting into the marketplace


We use the following process to design, identify and evaluate what are the most compelling messages that our clients can use to get their story across:

The War Room
This facilitated brainstorm discussion helps identify and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of your position and those of your competitors.
These qualitative sessions are designed to understand which messages on both sides of a consumer battle or public policy issue resonate most and which argument wins the day. This allows us to help fine tune your appeal.
We test messages quantitatively within the context of their specific competitive environment; we work to poke holes in the arguments to see what messages are best able to sustain criticism and critique. The output is a clear identification of what is most impactful and a strategy for how the messaging can be further optimized.
Once the messaging is optimized and turned into creative assets, if desired, it can be competitively tested in our proprietary social media testing lab, where we work to understand the degree of engagement that it generates.