Our Approach

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Using data in public relations and brand-building campaigns is an area of specialty for us whether it is aimed at advancing a brand, executive or company.

In our work, we have been honored to partner with some of the leading PR agencies to successfully generate media coverage for our clients in such top tier outlets as:


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The output of our work in this space is the following:

Generate Media Attention
Use data to drive media coverage
Impacting Consideration
Raise awareness of executives, brands and companies so they are in the consideration set
Create Content
Develop creative content assets
Increase corporate reputation and drive brand equity
Drive Engagement
Initiate stakeholder conversations
Place the company and brand front and center in the minds of key stakeholders on important issues

Case Studies

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Examine the cultural trends being driven by Millennials.
Quaker Oats
Remind American mothers about just how important a healthy breakfast is for kids.
In partnership with the University of Minnesota, encourage family meals and push kids (and their parents) to put down their technology when at the dinner table.
TD Ameritrade
Raise the alarm bells about how few Americans are adequately saving for retirement.