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We have built a suite of proprietary technology which is driving innovation in 5 distinct areas of our work. The outcomes we have been able to achieve are:

Reduce Costs

Costs across our industry continue to increase.  We have built a range of leading edge technology that enables us to perform our work more efficiently and thus at lower costs.

Our InstaSurvey platform combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to administer surveys faster and far more cost effectively – with realistic human voices – significantly reducing data collection costs.
Our InstaTab platform automates data processing and data visualization reducing hours of staff time and improving accuracy – and thus we can price our work more cost effectively.

Improve Statistical Accuracy

Far too often, a client can only afford a phone survey sample size of 400 or 800 people.  In our increasingly diverse world, that number is far too small.  And furthermore, in an era when precision targeting can be achieved with media, such a modest sample size no longer suffices for providing reliable targeting insights.  We have, therefore, built a data collection platform to gather more survey data, and do so at a lower cost.

Larger sample sizes achieved through our InstaSurvey tool means more accurate polling data and much more precise targeting.

In short we can collect MORE data than any other firm, at a LOWER cost.

Faster Delivery of Data

The world is moving quickly these days and survey results need to be delivered more rapidly.  We have built technology to collect, tabulate, process, and visualize data faster than anyone else in our industry, speeding up the delivery of results to our clients, so they can be acted upon immediately.

Quick answers are vital – that means data collection and reporting needs to move much faster.

InstaSurvey and InstaTab allow us to do our work more quickly than any other firm in our industry.

New Data Collection Methods

Certain audiences (like Millennials!) are only reachable via text messaging and that’s why we built a text messaging survey platform, so we can effectively reach your target audience, and gather polling data through texting.

Our InstaPoll technology enables us to conduct text message polling and gather critical insights – reaching your audiences on the platforms they communicated on and engaged with.

Data Source Agnostic

Data is everywhere these days.  In our work, we are no longer bound by just examining and analyzing survey data – we analyze voter data, sales data, usage data, social media data from a range of platforms, RFID data, and test content in our proprietary social media testing lab.  And we also built our own data collection platform.

We have developed cutting edge tools designed to harness the most actionable insights from new and emerging data sets whether its harvesting data from social media platforms, pre-testing content on our social media platforms, or collecting survey data from our global survey platform.