Content for Contents Sake

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Don’t create content to create content. Content must have a higher bar. And our state-of-the-art proprietary testing platform, the Brand Engagement Lab, is designed to help evaluate the effectiveness of content in driving business goals and objectives. Our BE Lab helps optimize content so that it passes three critical tests.

Your content must draw in people in what is a very, very crowded, and thus competitive, environment.
Content must truly move the key metrics that matter (consideration, purchase intent and reputation).
Social Cache
Content moves within social networks because people want to share.  Does your content reach that bar?
Social Content Testing With the BE Lab
Some say just throw content/ advertising into social and see how it does. Others say test it in an online survey. We say something different — test social content in a social platform, but one that’s private, safe and secure, so if something fails, its not public. Our BE Lab offers just that format.
Don’t test your content in a vacuum. Kick the tires thoroughly. Put your content out and that of your detractors and fans – and see what happens. That’s the way to properly kick the tires and determine the impact.
The Why Behind Content
Knowing what works is important, but so is knowing why it works — only then can the learnings and insights be repeatable in creating other content.