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  • We have 20 years experience running successful voter contact programs over the telephone and helping Democrats win tough primaries and general elections.
  • We have contacted literally tens and tens of millions of voters through landlines and cell phones for the following purposes; voter identification, persuasion of undecided voters, and supporter mobilization/GOTV.
  • In our voter contact work, we specialize in:
    • Live calls
    • Robo calls
    • Cell phone voicemails
    • Peer-to-Peer Text messaging


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There is no better way to understand which voters are with you, who are opposed, and who are undecided. Knowing exactly which voters are in each camp allows you to develop a strategy to win.
We deliver unique and targeted messaging to undecided voters in an effort to persuade them to support you on Election Day.
Turn Out
We have special expertise using phone calls and text messages to ensure your supporters turn out to vote and bring their friends and family with them.


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Our firm has built proprietary software allowing us to reach more targeted voters:

          • Quickly
          • Affordably
          • With the highest degree of quality

Our InstaCall platform is designed specifically for live calls and robo calls and includes the ability to reach cellphones via their voicemail.

For our live calls and robo calls, unlike other providers, we do multiple callbacks per number dialed so you stand the best chance of having your message getting through.

At the culmination of dialing, we provide our clients with an automated report of the data so you can understand exactly what your message penetration was.

          • This gives you clear reporting   and allows you to weed out bad numbers   for your next round of calls.
  • Our Peer-to-Peer text messaging platform – InstaText can help you:
    • Conduct voter identification
    • Determine supporters’ willingness to volunteer/gauge overall engagement.

InstaMail is our Peer-to-Peer texting platform which allows you to send creative content like direct mail, absentee ballot applications, and other content through text messages.

This enables you to:

    • “Mail” closer to the Election date.
    • Get absentee ballot applications into the hands of Supporters.
    • Re-enforce your messaging through a digital medium, as well as what voters get through snail mail – creating a second opportunity for voter contact.
    • Create a volunteer opportunity for supporters to pass your content along to their social networks through text messages.