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PRSA-NY and Honan Strategy Group Reveal the 2022 State of Mental Health in Public Relations Report

October 27, 2022 12:56 | Original Article

Today, PRSA-NY announced the 2022 State of Mental Health in Public Relations Report with Honan Strategy Group, a data-driven strategic research and communications firm, to understand how PRSA-NY members are coping with their mental health and determine resources to help working professionals in the industry.

The 2022 State of Mental Health in Public Relations Report revealed that there is an acute mental health issue among PRSA-NY Members but also the nature of working in the public relations industry. Beyond dealing with the pandemic on a personal level, those working in the profession have been on the frontlines of helping organizations and businesses address and respond to the pandemic. As a result, this has created an added layer of mental health challenges and complexities for PR professionals. Key findings include:

  • Two-in-five PRSA-NY members say they feel pressure and/or anxiety from their job every day.
  • One-third of PRSA-NY members say they feel pressure and/or anxiety a few times a week, and nearly one-in-five say they feel this way a few times a month.
  • 79% of PRSA-NY members agree that they feel anxious and uncertain about the future.
  • 68% of PRSA-NY members agree that COVID-19 is hopefully coming to an end, but they still have emotional scar tissue.
  • 54% of PRSA-NY members agree that while they are generally doing OK these days, they don’t feel like they are in a good “head space”.
  • 69% of PRSA-NY members agree that information from stress and anxiety experts, and psychiatrists or psychologists who specialize would be most helpful.

“Despite the various commitments we have seen centered on mental health and employee wellbeing, the current state of the industry shows that companies and agencies must do more to preserve the future of public relations,” said Aaron Kwittken, President of PRSA-NY. “There is an acute mental health issue that has been exacerbated by the pandemic, social justice issues and ongoing political unrest. As leaders start to plan for 2023, mental health should be the first item on their organizational agenda.”

The survey is one of many measures part of PRSA-NY’s ongoing commitment to promote mental health and wellbeing among members. In addition to the survey, PRSA-NY also launched a mental health wellness hub and established its first-ever Mental Health Subcommittee, which strives to bring mental health to the forefront of the PR industry and provide chapter members activities, content, and other opportunities to prioritize their wellbeing. The subcommittee is composed of Jason Abrams, Senior PR Manager, Amtrak; Amanda Anderson, PR and Communications Professional; Matthew Hirsch, Strategic Brand Communications Manager, Pernod Ricard USA; and Sarah Smith, Director of Media Relations and Social Media at Weill Cornell Medicine.

“Our new survey underscores the importance of mental health in the profession and why more resources should be made available to practitioners navigating today’s complex business landscape. The role of PR has evolved significantly during the pandemic, and with these changes, our industry must also evolve to meet the demands of employee wellbeing,” said Jason Abrams, chair of PRSA-NY’s Mental Health Subcommittee.

A total of 75 survey interviews were conducted online, in parallel with previous surveys conducted by or on behalf of PRSA-NY. Honan Strategy Group completed the field work between April 21st and June 16th, 2022 among Members of the PRSA-NY. To view the full report, please visit www.prsany.org/mentalhealthreport.


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