Twitter Analysis of November 2019 Democratic Debate

Honan Strategy Group and WPA Intelligence have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Twitter conversation surrounding the November 2019 Democratic Debate.

At a high level, here is what we have concluded:

  • There were 1.4 million less tweets this evening than compared with the October debate – suggesting the debates are missing an opportunity to engage Democratic voters.
  • Overall, Joe Biden Won the Debate on Twitter with the largest number of Twitter Mentions (151K).
    • But at the same time Biden was the Loser, as sentiment about him was uniformly negative to positive – 43% to 9% – the most negative of any candidate on stage.
  • Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg were the only candidates who had a greater Share of Voice when compared to the prior debate.
    • All seven of the other candidates had fewer Twitter Mentions during this debate compared to the October debate.
    • Bernie Sanders had his best debate yet, growing from 48K Twitter Mentions to 71.3K.  Pete Buttigieg doubled his Twitter Mentions while Kamala Harris rebounded with strong viral moments.
  • Similar to the October debate, Tulsi Gabbard was the Most Searched Candidate on Google in 48 states, with Pete Buttigieg the most searched for in 2 states – Iowa, where he leads in early polling, and Nebraska.
  • In terms of who went Most Viral, Kamala Harris had 3 of the top 5 most retweeted tweets.  Bernie Sanders had 2 of the top 5.
  • Tom Steyer Lost the Debate on Twitter with the lowest number of Twitter Mentions (14.7K) and shrinking his Mentions almost by half from the October debate (26.6K to 14.7K).
  • Mirroring her drop in polling in early states and nationally, Elizabeth Warren is cratering on Twitter.  Her Mentions were down by more than two-thirds from the October debate (99.4K to 30.5K).  Andrew Yang is beginning to fade as well, down from 81K in September, to 52.3K in October, and 31.2K in tonight’s November debate – although he had the most positive mentions.