Ukrainian Television Station Channel 11 Exit Poll

DNIPROPETROVSK, UkraineOct. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — An election day Exit Poll of Parliamentary District 24 (Dnipropetrovsk) conducted by U.S. opinion research firm KRC Research has indicated that Jakiv Bezbah is the winner in today’s contested Parliamentary Election.

According to the exit poll, Jakiv Bezbah received 48% of the vote compared with 29% for Anatolij Krupskyj.  All the other candidates received single digit support.

“Our exit poll interviewers worked at over half of the polling locations in the district and surveyed a significant portion of today’s voting electorate. KRC’s exit poll from Parliamentary District 24 gives us a very clear and vivid indication of the election results.  Jakiv Bezbah won a decisive victory today,” said Bradley Honan.

Throughout the day, in polling places across the district, 3,000 voters were randomly selected at 45 polling locations. Interviews were conducted by two separate Ukrainian public opinion pollsters who both gave voters a self administered survey to fill out.  The Exit Poll was made available in both Russian and Ukrainian.  The overall margin of sampling error is +/- 1.8%.

The Exit Poll, commissioned by the Ukrainian Television Station Channel 11, was conducted by pollster and leading opinion polling expert Bradley Honan, CEO of KRC Research.

Mr. Honan is in Dnipropetrovsk and available to speak with the media about the results. Mr. Honan can be reached at 1-917-515-3208.

About this research
The District 24 exit poll was conducted in 45 voting locations throughout the district. The locations were selected to be a representative of the district.  In these centers, 3,000 voters were interviewed. Voters were selected at random by a systematic procedure. Refusals and non-response was registered. Those voters who were randomly selected to participate in this exit poll were asked to indicate their vote on a small ballot which they could then personally drop into a large envelope in order to maintain secrecy and anonymity. Data was sent by exit poll workers to a central facility in Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev and KRC Research for processing, tabulation, and verification.

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